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Welcome to Woof University! Complete all of the items below before the first class. If you have questions, email us at

To Do...

  • Verify that the class is appropriate for your dog

  • Get required vaccines

  • Submit dog info form

  • Review course supplies

  • Read about L.E.G.S.

  • Leave my dog home for first class

  • Read the course policies

Verify that the class is appropriate for your dog.

Dogs must be under control and safe for the other dogs and people in the class. There is no contact between dogs in the class, but they must be able to work close to other dogs. Some barking is expected but must not be so excessive that it disrupts the class. If you are not sure, email to schedule a phone call.

Verify that your dog has the required vaccines.

The required vaccines are:

  • Rabies (if over 20 weeks old)

  • Distemper/Parvo

  • Bordatella (Kennel Cough)

The Flu vaccine is recommended but not required.

Complete the form with your dog's information.

Click this link to tell us about the dog you are bringing to class. 

Review the required course supplies.

Click this link for details. You won't need them until week 2 when your dog comes with you but review them in case you have questions. If you would like to get a Gentle Leader at a discounted price, bring $25 to the first class to get one from Dawn.

Read this article.


L.E.G.S. is a simple. framework for understanding all aspects that shape a dog's behavior. Hint: it's not all about training!

To Know...

  • The first class is REQUIRED for handlers

  • All family members MAY attend but are not required to

  • Course fee is non-refundable 72 hours prior to course start

  • Course is non-transferable to another session 72 hours prior to course start

  • There are no make-up classes, but all course materials are available online

  • Sick dogs may NOT attend class, but you can come without them

  • Dogs in heat MAY attend class with appropriate cover-up

  • It is your responsibility to clean up after your dog

  • Safety is everyone's responsibility

The first class is REQUIRED for handlers.

A handler is the person responsible for the dog in class. Handlers must be 18 or older or accompanied by someone 18 or older and physically able to keep the dog under control. Only one dog per handler. It's not necessary for everyone in the household to come to the first class, but the dog may only come to class with someone who did. This means, for example, if you plan on going on vacation on week 3 and would like your petsitter to bring your dog to class, your petsitter must come to the first class.

Dogs stay home for the first class.

This is a training course for both ends of the leash. You and your dog will learn as a team. You get a head start to meet your trainers, get familiar with the facility, and have a chance to ask questions. You'll get some exercises to work on with your dog to minimize stress for their first class.

All household members may attend.

It helps for everyone to be on the same page, and it's a great way for the whole family to bond with their dog. You're not all required to be at the first class, but your dog may only come to class with someone who attended it. 

Course fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Class size is limited to 8 dogs to allow each team individual coaching. The course fee reserves a "seat" in the course, therefore making the "seat" unavailable to another dog. Refunds are available up to 3 days before the start of the course to allow time for a dog on the waiting list to have the vacated "seat".

There are no make-up classes.

If you must miss a class, email us right away to ask for the password for your home practice guide. We are available by email and before class to answer your questions. 

Please make every effort to attend the 2nd class (first one with dogs). Some dogs are nervous their first day of school, like many of us were. The first day is when they get to know the surroundings and their classmates. It can be disruptive to the whole class when a new dog shows up at a later class. 

Attendance in 4 of the first 5 classes is required to earn a framable graduation certificate on week 6!

Please follow Classroom safety practices.

Dogs do not meet. Keep a 3' Bubble between the bitey end of your dog and other dogs in class. 

Keep your dog close to you when entering or exiting the building. Lots of other people use the facility, and not all of them like dogs. Always know where the bitey end of your dog is. 

Properly fit equipment (collar/harness) so that it can't be pulled off, even with effort.

Keep one hand on the leash at all times. Do not drop the leash, sit, or stand on it.

Do not allow children to approach another dog without asking their owner first.

Miscellaneous Info

Sick dogs may not attend class. If your dog has a cough, diarrhea, or vomiting, they must stay home. Come to class without them to see the demos and get instruction. You learn a lot by watching.

Dogs in heat MAY attend class with an appropriate protective covering. 

Dogs recently spayed or neutered may attend class. Follow your veterinarian's guidelines for restricted activity.

Bring cleanup supplies and clean up after your dog inside or outside the building.

Remember to bring your sense of humor! :)


How well your dog learns depends on how well they are taught.

"Training often fails because we expect way too much of the animal and way too little of ourselves" 

- Bob Bailey

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