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Exclusive training is available for dogs who are too fearful or reactive for a group class, for people whose schedules don't allow for a group class, and for people who want individual coaching.

Group Classes give the most benefit for the least cost, but they don't work for every dog or every human. Your dog can still learn the basic life skills taught in our Group Classes in one-on-one sessions.

In-Home in Irmo, Chapin, Columbia, and nearby areas., or Online via Zoom.

Dog Walk


The same curriculum as the Group Course in 3 sessions for just you and your dog! The initial session is 2 hours. The remaining 2 are 1 hour each.

Your dog will learn basic life skills that help them be well-mannered pets.

You learn how to communicate more clearly with your dog so there are less misunderstandings.

What to do about your dog's jumping habit!

How to prevent bad habits from starting and what to do if they already have.

Weekly online written guides to keep your training on-track, and informative articles that help you understand your dog better.

Email support if you have questions or concerns outside of training sessions.

A framable certificate on completion for all your hard work!

Consultations are available in your home, at Sutton's Southern Pet Retreat, or online via Zoom.


How old does my dog have to be to start training?

We recommend starting ASAP, before behavior problems develop. If they are old enough to come home with you, they are old enough to start training (positively)!

What vaccines are required?

Rabies (if older than 20 weeks)

Can I train more than one dog?
Each dog needs a handler because a person can only train one dog at a time. The other(s) will want to get in on the action because there are treats involved, and it would be chaos! If they have a handler, another dog can be added to the training for an additional $25 fee. The dogs must live in the same household.

Should I do private training or group classes?
There are so many benefits* to group training that we recommend attending classes if you can. The exposure to real-life situations, practice going out in public, novel sights sounds, and smells, learning how to handle themselves with manners in public in a controlled environment, etc. None of that can be duplicated at home. Dogs with typical behavior problems like jumping on people or pulling on leash, or puppies who have not yet developed these issues, benefit most from group classes. 

Dogs with bite or fight histories or too fearful to come to class need private training instead. Or, if your schedule simply doesn't work for group classes. Private training can be tailored to your schedule.

What happens if I miss a scheduled lesson?
If you notify us within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson, you get one free reschedule. If it's less than 24 hours or no notification, or it happens more than once, there is an additional $75 fee to reschedule. Otherwise, you forfeit the lesson. 

What training methods do you use?
We follow the LIMA standard which stands for Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive. We use food rewards to teach new behaviors because it is the fastest way to train any animal. We do not use fear or pain to suppress behavior or use any method that causes mental or emotional distress for your dog. 

What are your qualifications?
Woof U has led training classes since 2009. Dawn led training classes for Thoughtful Paws for 20 years prior to that. We attend professional training to keep up-to-date with the latest science on training and behavior. Dawn and Kelly are AKC CGC Evaluators. Kelly has certification in training for Aggressive Dogs and is a Family Dog Mediator. You can read more about us on the
About Us page.

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