Has your dog bitten someone or another dog? Are your dogs fighting with each other? Is there tension in your home?

Curious Dog


Life can be limited for dogs with aggression issues and their owners. Maybe you can't take your dog for a walk or on vacation. Or, you can't take a vacation because no one can safely keep your dog. It can be deeply emotional. Maybe you have lost trust in your dog or your dog has lost trust in you. We understand, and we can help with customized behavioral and emotional support.

What to Expect

First, you complete a form to give us background information about your dog. We will discuss during your first session and talk about goals and prognosis. This information helps us to create a customized training plan for you and your dog.

The package is 3 sessions. The first session is 1.5-2 hours. Following sessions are 1 hour each. You get email support and video review between sessions. Additional sessions may be purchased as needed.

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