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Has your dog bitten someone or another dog? Are your dogs fighting with each other? Is there tension in your home?

Curious Dog


Life can be limited for dogs with aggression issues and their owners. Maybe you can't take your dog for a walk or on vacation. Or, you can't take a vacation because no one can safely keep your dog. It can be deeply emotional. Maybe you have lost trust in your dog or your dog has lost trust in you. We understand, and we can help with customized behavioral and emotional support.

What to Expect

The first session is a 1.5 - 2 hour online Zoom session. We begin by talking about your dog's history, the prognosis for improvement, and set realistic goals. Then, we begin the Action Plan for Behavior Change. You will need an internet-connected device with a camera positioned to show your dog's full body and small (pea-sized) tasty treats for exercises with your dog. 

The location of the next sessions depends on the type and severity of your dog's aggressive behaviors (my training facility at Sutton's Southern Pet Retreat, your home, a park, Zoom, or some other location). Sessions are only held on Saturdays and in some limited cases, Zoom on Sunday mornings. Sessions may be scheduled 1 - 6 weeks apart. 


There are no magic pills or easy buttons for abnormal aggression in dogs. If there was, we would share it for free and never see a dog bite again! Most of the work falls on you, the owner, because you live with the dog every day and we do not. There may be safety and management protocols and equipment to purchase (muzzle, crate, baby gate, enrichment toys, etc.). There may be changes to your daily routine, new skills for you to learn, and training exercises for you to work on with your dog, etc. 

A private Slack channel will be created for communication between sessions. Ask questions, submit video of your training for feedback, and update me on progress. Ongoing email support is provided after the sessions are complete. 

To get started, complete the registration form or email to schedule your free 30 minute phone consultation. 

$950 6 Session Package
$100 follow up sessions
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