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Success Tips

Get the most benefit from The Basics, Plus course by following these tips.

Training Tips

How well your dog learns depends on how well they are taught. Click through the slide show (orange boxes or arrows) for tips to become an outstanding teacher!

Be Consistent

It's hard enough to communicate clearly with other people when words have different meanings. If humans struggle to communicate with language, imagine what it's like for a dog who isn't even a verbal species! 

It doesn't matter what word(s) you use. Dogs all over the world learn in different languages. Make up your own language, if you want! It only matters that the same word(s) mean the same thing every single time.


Down can't mean 'lay on the floor' sometimes and 'get off the furniture' other times. Down can only mean one thing. Off is good for telling your dog to get off the furniture (or you).


Come can't mean both walk with me and come to me. Let's go is a good one for telling your dog you're walking together. 

"Training often fails because we expect way too much of the animal and way too little of ourselves" 

- Bob Bailey

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