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There is more to your relationship with your dog than "obedience". We go beyond dog training to help you communicate better with your dog, have a deeper connection, and love them even more!

You love your dog.

Woof U helps you love them even more 

Have you ever felt like something was missing? Like there must be more to being a Dog Owner / Guardian than just training them to Sit and Down when you say so? 


We hear you! We know that you didn't get a dog to have more stress. You don't want to yell at them. You don't want tension. You don't want chaos. You want a mutually enjoyable relationship with your dog!

That is why Woof University is NOT "Dog Training", It is Education for BOTH ends of the Leash. We help you understand and communicate with your dog better so that BOTH of you are more fulfilled in your relationship. 



Group Classes allow you and your dog to practice navigating life out in the world. If you want to be able to take your dog places, would like to get involved in therapy dog work, or want to earn the Canine Good Citizen title, group classes are the best option. Classes are also ideal for those who like a structured plan for training, and for building resilience in young dogs.

Image by Bruce Warrington

The Basics, Plus

Prepare your dog for the real world with a small group of fellow dog lovers. Learn how to keep your dog's focus around distractions and how to prevent or correct common behavior problems. Plus, detailed weely training guides and educational articles for raising a well-adjusted dog.

CGC Prep & Test

This is a FUN class that furthers your dog's education with practical life skills and a chance to earn their first title! The test is included at the end of the course. If passed, your dog earns the AKC Canine Good Citizen Title!


Private training is best for busy families who can't commit to a 6-week class and prefer to structure their weekly training independently. It is also best for dogs who cannot handle a group class due to extreme fear or reactivity. Private support with Family Dog Mediation is ideal for families dealing with behavior concerns beyond the usual jumping and puppy biting.

Image by Fabian Gieske

The Basics, Plus

Everything that is covered in The Basics, Plus course with just you and your dog. For dogs who are aggressive to other dogs or people, exceptionally fearful or anxious, or otherwise unable to cope with a group setting. It is also best for guardians who are uncomfortable with a group course, or it simply doesn't fit with your schedule.

Family Dog Mediation

Family Dog Mediation is the evolution of dog behavior support. When things go wrong, we can help to set things right with our deep knowledge of the sciences of dog behavior (Behaviorism, Applied Behavior Analysis, Applied Ethology, and more) and decades of hands-on experience with problematic dog behavior. Support is personalized, compassionate, and non-judgmental.

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