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Dog with Family in Background

There is more to your relationship with your dog than "obedience". We go beyond dog training to help you communicate better with your dog, have a deeper connection, and love them even more!

You love your dog.

Woof U helps you love them even more 

Have you ever felt like something was missing? Like there must be more to being a Dog Owner / Guardian than just training them to Sit and Down when you say so? 


We hear you! We know that you didn't get a dog to have more stress. You don't want to yell at them. You don't want tension. You don't want chaos. You want a mutually enjoyable relationship with your dog!

That is why Woof University is NOT "Dog Training", It is Education for BOTH ends of the Leash. We help you understand and communicate with your dog better so that BOTH of you are more fulfilled in your relationship. 


Training a Puppy


Teach your dog useful real-life skills with a supportive group of dog lovers. Learn and apply the secrets to keeping your dog's focus around distractions, and enjoy a more confident, better-behaved pup.



Improve your dog's social skills and in-public behavior while preparing for the AKC CGC test. Test included with the class for the chance to earn the AKC CGC Title and show off your dog's people skills.



Basic Skills training for just you and your dog. If your dog is unable to cope in a group setting or doesn't play well with others, or class doesn't work with your schedule, we will come to you.

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