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Lazy Dog

Drop It!

Forcibly taking valued items from dogs can cause serious aggression. You may be big and bad enough to take it from them, but children aren't. Teach your dog that it's not a threat when people come near them while they have a goodie, and to happily give you what they have when asked.

Resource Guarding Aggression

If your dog is already biting over food, chews, or toys, we can help. Visit this link for details: 

Putting your hands in their food dish to "get them used to it" can backfire. Some dogs become MORE anxious about hands near their food rather than less. Think about how you would feel if your spouse dug their fingers in your mashed potatoes while you were trying to eat! When I was a kid, my parents told me never to mess with a dog when they were eating. That is still good advice today. 

It is also a myth that you should take away bones or chews by force and punish your dog if they growl about it. Growls are important communication that your dog is unhappy. Punishing them for growling will stop the growling, but it will not stop your dog from being unhappy.
Punishing a dog for growling is how you teach a dog to bite without warning! 

Dogs who have had bones or chews forcibly taken from them learn that people coming near them when they have something good means they might lose it. They can become very aggressive very quickly. They may not bite you if they are afraid to, but a child may end up bitten because the dog is not afraid of them.

Teaching your dog to COOPERATE rather than to COMPLY is always the better choice! 

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