Why does my dog do that?

If your dog has behaviors that you want to change, it helps to know why they have that behavior. It is easy to change an animal's behavior. It is not as easy to change people's behavior.

Biology / Ethology

Nature made them that way. Some behaviors are built-in. These are the ones the dog is born with and does not need to learn to do. They bark and don't quack.Males, and sometimes females, lift their leg to urninate. They roll in dead things, hunt and kill small animals, and dig. Animal behavior and appearance changes over generations to adapt to their environment for survival of the species.

In dogs, humans got involved and began breeding for specific traits. Herding breeds have strong innate herding behaviors. Border Collies do not need to be taught how to herd. It is a behavior they were born with. Terriers are born hunters. Pointers are not taught how to point. It is in their DNA. Hounds have a fundamental need to sniff because they were selectively bred for thousands of years to do so.

Changing innate behaviors is difficult to impossible, and when it comes down to it, unethical. Choosing to share your home with a terrier means there is a high likelihood that you will be gifted a dead baby rabbit or mole from time to time. Herding dogs will probably herd your children. And, dogs bark. Some breeeds more than others.