"Wait" Cue

Wait is different than Stay. It tells your dog to pause for a bit, take a breath, before the next action. Wait until... It is excellent for teaching impulse control. Instead of wrestling with a twirling dog or getting knocked down as they shoot out the door, have them Wait (sit still) until you are ready and give the go-ahead.


Ask your dog to Sit.


Say the cue "Wait" ONE TIME and give the hand signal.


Back up to the end of the leash, pause for 2 seconds, then cue your dog to "Come".


When your dog gets all the way to you, "Yes" and reward.

Uses for Wait:


  • Wait until you get the leash secured before jumping out of the car

  • Sit and Wait until you attach the leash instead of spinning and jumping

  • Wait until you are out of the way to run out the back door

  • Wait  to calm down before going out for a walk

  • Wait to eat the treat or food

THe hand signal for "Wait" is to hold up your index finger, the Universal sign for 'just a second'.


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