Puppy Play

"Stay" Cue

Stay is the opposite of Come. Instead of Fido coming to you, you come to Fido. It means to remain where he is until you come to him and release him. For the dog in the picture, it means stay on that newspaper. Therefore, we never call our dog from a stay.


Ask your dog to Sit next to your left leg.


Say the cue "Stay" ONE TIME and give the hand signal.


Hold the leash straight up to keep your dog in place and take ONE and ONLY ONE step to the right.


Instantly (no pause) step back to your dog, "Yes" and reward.


Repeat step 3 with ONE and ONLY ONE step in front of your dog. Instantly (no pause) step back to your dog, "Yes" and reward.


If Fluffy is staying in place with one step, then add another. Continue adding steps as s/he is successful. If Fluffy keeps getting up before you can reward, reduce the number of steps you move away.

The most common mistakes made when teaching Stay are 1) calling the dog off the Stay and 2) taking too many steps or pausing too long too soon. 

1) Dogs will anticipate your next cue and break the stay if they are used to being called from the stay. This will cause them to fail the CGC test and make it harder for you to get them back should they get loose. Learning that Stay means I don't move until mom or dad comes to me could save your dog's life! 

2) If you take too many steps away before your dog is ready, they will learn that Stay means "get up, then sit back down, then get up again, rinse and repeat". There is never a time in real-life when you will tell your dog to stay and then stand still looking at them for several minutes (unless you do competition obedience). In real-life, you will be moving while your dog stays still, so it is better to teach Stay with you in motion.

THe hand signal for "Stay" is to present your palm toward your dog and push toward them, the Universal sign for Stop.


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