"You did it!"


Choose a word to mean "you got it right". "Yes" or"Nice", for example. You can use a clicker instead of a word, if you'd like. For deaf dogs, a 'thumbs up' sign works well.


IMPORTANT: The word that you choose tells your dog that you are going to give them a treat because they did what you told them to do. Every time you say the cue, your dog gets paid. 


Have a dozen or so pea-sized treats on the counter and your dog on-leash. Say your chosen word (or click, or thumbs up). Then, reach for a treat and feed it to your dog. Repeat until the treats are gone.

"Good" is a bad choice for the "you got it right" word because you have to give a treat every time you say it. We want to tell our dog they are good dogs without having to give them a treat!

Do not say your dog's name or give them a command during this exercise.


Substitute your chosen word or hand signal for the click

A "you got it right!" cue makes training your dog faster because 

  • They don't need to see a treat in your hand to do what you tell them

  • You don't have to worry about getting the treat to them the second they do what you tell them

  • It makes it clearer to your dog WHAT they did right to earn that treat


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