Private Training

Does your dog have bad habits or concerning behavior that you don't know how to handle? Woof University can help make your life easier.



One-on-one training for everything covered in the group class. Private obedience lessons are ideal for dogs who cannot cope with a group class and owners who want individual help that a group class cannot provide. Also works with your schedule. Includes 3 one-hour sessions. 

$300 at Sutton's Southern Pet Retreat.

$350 in-home (Irmo, Chapin, and surrounding areas)

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One-on-one support for changing unwanted behavior into good behavior using proven humane methods for lasting behavior change. We teach your dog to make better choices.

You decide how many sessions you want. One - three behaviors may be covered in a session, depending on severity.

$175 for a 2-hour consult at Sutton's Southern Pet Retreat or online via Zoom.

$225 in-home (Irmo, Chapin, and surrounding areas). Follow-up lessons are $100 for one hour.

We are fully booked for Private Training until August 2021