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5 Tips for Working from Home with your Dog

Wth training classes suspended because of Covid-19, I thought it was a good time to start a blog. Something to relieve the boredom of being stuck at home 24/7. I hope you find it useful.

Dogs are no-doubt delighted with their owners being home more. You still have to work, though, and cannot be their full-time playmate and belly-scratcher. Here are some tips for getting your work done with minimal disruptions from your dog.

1. Don't feed them from a bowl Dogs can slurp up a full meal from a bowl in 2.5 seconds. Then, they are looking for something else to do. Make the most of mealtimes by feeding them from a slow feeder, puzzle toy, or snuffle mat. Not only is it safer by slowing them down, it also engages their senses by providing an enjoyable activity. Many dogs will even choose a toy feeder over a regular food dish!

Some ideas are...

  • Buster Cube

  • Kong Wobbler

  • Snuffle Mat

  • Rolled towel

  • Closed cardboard box

2. Take a Walk (or 2 or 3) Take your dog for a walk before work, during breaks, or on your lunch hour. It will be good for you, too, to get out of the house for a few minutes. For the first time, we really get an insight into the life of a dog stuck at home 24/7. They enjoy some new scenery every now and then, just like we do. Let them sniff and read all the pee mail, then they will nap the rest of the afternoon.

3. Restrict Access Just because you are at home doesn't mean your dog has to be glued to you at all times. Close the door to your office if you need to. They can spend some time in their crate if they are crate trained. Or, let them have some extra time sunning in the yard.

4. Keep stuffed Kongs in the freezer It seems like dogs never bark more than when you are on the phone! To keep them from adding their two-cents on your conference call, give them a frozen stuffed Kong.

5. Train!

Well-trained dogs make better coworkers. If working from home is made difficult because your dog's behavior takes so much of your attention, training is your answer. Now that you have extra time at home, spend it wisely to teach your dog good manners. Crate train them if they are not already. Perfect the Come when called cue so that you can get them inside with no hassle when you need to. If you need help with a bothersome behavior, we can't meet in person but we can video chat online. Email us at

Do you have more useful tips? Share them in the comments below.

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