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"Off" Cue

It is a myth that dogs won't listen if they're allowed on the furniture. The only reasons to not allow dogs on furniture are, you don't want them there or they won't move when asked to.The "off" cue means all paws on the floor and off the furniture or person.


Invite your dog up onto a piece of furniture. (If you don't allow dogs on the furniture, find something they can stand on. Even a dog bed will do.


Hold a treat, palm up, to your dog's lips.


Cue your dog to "Off" and slowly move the treat away so they have to jump off to reach it.


When all paws are on the floor, give the reward earned cue and then feed the treat.


After 5 repetitions, leave the treat in your pouch. Put your empty fingers to their lips and repeat steps 2-4, getting the treat from your pouch AFTER you give the Reward Earned cue.

It's ok if you want to use the cue "Down" instead of "Off", but a different cue will be needed for asking your dog to lie down.

If your dog jumps on you, use 'Off" instead of no, and completey ignore them until all paws are on the ground. ANY attention will reward the jumping, even if it's saying "No" or pushing them away. Leave the room for a minute, if necessary.

The hand signal for "Off" is a finger pointed at your dog and then to the floor in a sweeping motion.


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