Dog Food

Mealtime Manners

Asking our dog to behave in a polite manner in an exciting situation like mealtime helps them learn self-control in other exciting situations, such as going for a walk. We wouldn't let our kids be rude at the dinner table, and neither should our dogs!


Feed puppies under 6 months 3-4 times per day, then drop to twice daily. Divide their recommended daily intake by the number of meals. It is not necessary to give your dog wet food unless your vet recommended it.


Place the dish on a counter to fill it. Don't let your dog crowd you or jump on you while you prep their food. Either put them in their crate, or choose a visual barrier for them to Sit behind (ie doorway).


If your dog invades your space, jumps on or nips at you, barks, or does any impolite behavior, stop filling the dish and wait for them to Sit again.


Calmly walk the dish to your dog's feeding area. We recommend feeding in their crate. If your dog jumps on or nips at you, barks, etc. stop walking until they resume polite manners.


At the feeding area, ask your dog to Sit before placing the dish in front of them. 


Pick up the dish after they are done eating. If there is food left in the dish, pick it up after 15 minutes. Do not leave food available for grazing all day unless instructed to by your vet for a medical issue.


Always feed your dog in the same place. We recommend feeding them in their crate.

Monitor your dog's weight and adjust their food intake as needed. If they are overweight, reduce intake by 1/4. If they are under weight, increase by 1/4. 

Letting your dog be out of control UNTIL a situation comes up when they really need to show manners Does.Not.Work. They need to practice BEFORE the skill is needed. 

5 Reasons Not to Free-Feed Your Dog


Ditch the food bowl and feed your dog from puzzle toys. It slows down a gulper, but most importantly, it gives your dog enrichment. Dogs are happier when their brains are challenged, and feeder puzzles are FUN!