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Image by Marek Szturc

Follow a "Lure"

We show dogs how to do some new behaviors (Sit, Down, etc.) by having them follow a treat in our hand. Most dogs will do this readily, but some think it might be a trick. Small dogs and nervous dogs especially need to learn there's no catch.

How it's Done

This exercise will only need to be done once for most dogs. There is only one Level.

If your dog hesitates to follow the treat, do it a few times a day until the first class.

It's also a new skill for you, so practice until you are comfortable with it.


Hold your hand palm up with the treat in your fingers. 

Hold the treat just in front of your dog's nose and let them sniff it (see picture).

Move it slowly so that it stays just in front of their nose as they follow it.



  1. Have 10 - 20 pea-sized treats available.

  2. Put your dog on leash if you think they will walk away.

  3. Hold a treat in your hand, palm up, and put it right to your dog's nose so they can sniff it, or on their lips so they can lick it. See which works best for your dog.

  4. Slowly move the treat to the right. 
    If they follow it, say "Good" and give it to them. If not, redo step 3 and move only an inch to the right.

  5. Repeat to the left, up, and down.

  6. See if you can lure your dog to take a step forward. 

Success Criteria

This level is successful when your dog follows the treat in every direction.

When a treat is moved in front of your nose, follow it

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