Image by Marek Szturc

Follow a Food Lure

For some exercises, we will show the dog how to do the behavior (ie "Sit") by having them follow a food lure (pea-sized treat). Many dogs will do this readily, but some think it might be a trick! With practice, they will see that there is no catch.


With your palm facing up, hold a treat in your fingers.


Touch the treat to your dog's lips. It's ok if they lick it.


Slowly move the treat to the right. If they follow it, give them the treat. If they don't follow it, touch the treat to their lips again. Move it slowly to the right only an inch then give it to them.


Repeat to the left, up, and down. If your dog does this easily, there is no need to repeat this exercise. If they don't, keep practicing until class time.


Imagine the treat is a magnet and your dog's lips a refrigerator. The treat should touch their lips like sticking a magnet onto a refrigerator!