Image by Nick Mundackal

"Down" Cue

Use the "Down" Cue when you need your dog to be still for an extended time. Down is great for when guests first arrive, while you have a conversation with someone while out for a walk, while you eat dinner, and more.


Starting with your dog in a Sit, hold a treat, palm down, to your dog's lips.


Say the cue "Down" ONE TIME.


Slowly bring the treat down in a straight line to the floor, between their front paws. Then, slowly move it in a straight line on the floor in front of your dog. (Draw a capital "L" with the treat.)


As they follow the treat, their elbows will rest on the floor  When they get into the Down position, give the Reward Earned cue "YES!!" and then give them the treat.


After 5 repetitions, leave the treat in your pouch. Put your empty fingers to their lips and repeat steps 2-4, getting the treat from your pouch AFTER you give the Reward Earned cue.


If your dog gets up from the Sit before going Down, start over at Step 1. Email us for help if you're struggling.

Practice on-leash in different rooms inside your home this week. Next week, do it outside with more distractions.

Don't gve up on this exercise! Your dog will learn that following cues is optional Stick with it until they get it

THe hand signal for Down is palm facing down, push towards the ground


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