Peeping Dog





 Your dog's education has only just begun!​

  • Use it or lose it. Incorporate your dog's new skills into every day life.

  • Practice out in the world in different locations. 

  • Continue your dog's education with the Canine Good Citizen Prep course offered in Spring and Fall.

  • Stay in touch! Follow us on Facebook and share pictures of your dog's progress.

Walking with Dogs

Continue working through the levels

Practice in lots of different locations

Like all skills, you and your dog get better with practice. All of the skills are listed on the Week 4 page.

Image by Karin Hiselius

Bonus Exercise: Drop It

Let go of what is in your mouth

It is normal for dogs to guard food, chews, etc. If an animal in nature let anyone take their food, they wouldn't survive very long. Resource guarding is a survival instinct. Teach your dog to trust giving things up to you willingly.

Image by Markus Winkler

Bonus Article: First Aid

Be prepared in case of emergency

A student requested this years ago, so we created a list of essential items for a canine first aid kit as our graduation gift to you. If you travel with your dog, be sure to bring these items along. 


What's Next?

Earn the AKC Canine Good Citizen TItle

If your dog has the basics down, the next step is the CGC course. The course focuses on using manners at home and in the community. It is a great starting point for therapy work. The CGC test is included with the course and, if passed, earns your dog the CGC title.

Image by Mike

Private Training

One-on-one support 

If your dog has behavior problems you need help with, we offer behavior modification private training sessions. Bad manners, fearfulness, unruly behavior, or simply tightening up obedience skills. Email us at to schedule.


Aggression Support

One-on-one support for aggressive behavior

Aggressive behavior from your dog can be scary and emotional. We have extensive experience working with dogs who behave aggressively, and we can help you through it. Email us at to schedule.