Way to go!

You did it!

You and your dog are officially Woof U Alumni.
Celebrate and be proud of your accomplishment.
We can't wait to see you in the next class!

What's Next?

Happy Family with Pets

Your dog's education has only just begun

Learning is a lifelong process

Make what you learned in class part of daily life with your pet. Practice the exercises in different locations and lots of different distractions to keep their education strong. 

Use it or Lose it
Image by Alina Belogolova

Canine Good Citizen Course

Earn the AKC CGC Title

If your dog has the basics down, the next step is the CGC course. The course focuses on using manners at home and in the community. It is a great starting point for therapy work. The CGC test is included with the course and, if passed, earns your dog the CGC title.

Image by Reed  Shepherd

Get more Practice

Take the Basic course with new dogs and people

If your dog isn't quite ready for the next level, you can retake the Basic course for more practice. They will be more relaxed now that they know what to expect, and so will you. Or, practice on your own in different locations until the next CGC course offering.

Course Schedule
Image by Osvaldo Florez

Private Training

Get one-on-one help

If your dog has behavior problems you need help with, we offer behavior modification private training sessions. Aggression, fearfulness, unruly behavior, or simply tightening up obedience skills. Email us at to schedule 

Veterinarian with Dog

BONUS ARTICLE: First Aid and Bloat

Be prepared in case of emergency

A past student requested this years ago, so we created a list of essential items for a canine first aid kit as our graduation gift to you. If you travel with your dog, be sure to bring these items along.