"Look" Cue

Before we can direct our dog's behavior, we need to have their attention. We can also ask them to pay attention to us instead of something else we don't want them focused on such as other dogs passing by, cats, squirrels, kids on bicycles, cars, etc.


Hold a treat, palm up, to your dog's lips.


Say the cue "Look" ONE TIME.


Slowly bring the treat up to your face and rest your index finger on your chin. 


When your dog looks at you, give the Reward Earned cue ("YES!") and then feed them the treat


After 5 repetitions, leave the treat in your pouch. Put your empty fingers to their lips and repeat steps 2-4, getting the treat from your pouch AFTER you give the Reward Earned cue.

Avoid saying the cue over and over. They will learn to tune you out, like we stop hearing airplanes if we live near the airport. Say it once and then let them know why you said it, even if they don't look at you right away.

Practice on-leash in different rooms inside your home this week. Next week, do it outside with more distractions.

THe hand signal for "Look" is index finger comes up to touch your chin