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Black Dog

Reward Good Choices

If you like what your dog is doing, tell them. You'll feel good, they'll feel good, and they will do that more often. Behavior that is rewarded becomes habit!

Good Dog!

Have you ever noticed that if you're thinking about buying a blue car, you start seeing blue cars everywhere? We're more aware of things we're focused on. If we're focused on the things we don't like about our dogs, we're more aware of them. 

It turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Dogs crave attention. They only get attention when they do the things you don't like, so they do those things more often to get your attention. Even negative attention is still attention!

Start looking for all the good things your dog does. Even if you think your dog is The Worst, they do good things sometimes. Give them attention and praise when you like what you see. You will start to see more good things about your dog. Your dog will do those things more often because it means they get attention from you.

At the same time, there will be less behavior you don't like because your dog is building good habits doing the things you DO like. That's most of your dog's training right there.


Low effort, big reward!


Chewing on one of their toys (instead of your shoe)

Using the bathroom outside

Resting quietly while you do laundry, etc.

Doing something you asked them to do.

Moving out of your way when you walk by.

Greeting you without jumping up.

Just being so irresistably cute!

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